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Updated September 18, 2017

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Scala Hats Packable Twisted Raffia Boater Straw Sun Hat - Natural - Scala

Womens Hats Womens Sun Hats

Packablethe scala twisted raffia boater is an elegant straw sun hat for women.
The raffia tie around the crown can be used to size the hat down or to keep the hat rolled when packed.
Inside the hat is a terrycloth sweatband for comfort.
The scala logo pin is located to the right side of the crown it keeps the tie attached to the hat.
Please note: you can roll this hat for travel but you should be careful with the brim as there is a wire that can break.
We just suggest being delicate with the hat when you roll it.
Simply untie the bow on the hat and use that to tie the hat up once rolled.
You should not store the hat rolled for long periods of time.
Also packing any hat can affect the shape.
If you want to try and get a certain shape after you have packed it use a little steam from a tea kettle to soften the straw so you can manipulate it easier.
Hat details:made of 100% raffia strawterrycloth sweatbandpackablescala pin on the side of the hathat sizing info:fits 56cm to 58cm comfortably.
Adjustable raffia cord on the outside of the hat can be used to tighten the fit..... (more)

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